Golf Club Paul tomita
Primul club de golf privat din Romania

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Date : 20/10/2018

Cupa Tinutului Craiesc 100 – Traditii si continuitate

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About Us

Paul Tomita from Pianu de jos Alba county, is the first private golf club from Romania. It has 70 ha of land and golf is played in fact on 50 ha from it.

During first stage (from 1995) the course had 9 holes. From 2002 there are 18 holes…over soft undulated hills … with secular beautiful oak trees spread over entire course.

Difficulty is great and created by “nature itself”, during building only small intervention was done…because there was no need for more.

Access towards the Club is easy…even from highway, 6 km away (direction Orastie, until Sebes, Sibiu).

Touristic objective nearby

  • Monastery from Strungari, 9 km away and the one from Saliste 14 km away…almost the same direction as road. Wonderful views.

  • Martinuzzi Mansion 12 km away, in Vintu de Jos.

  • Theodora Golf Club, 24 km away.

  • Vauban type Medieval Fortress from Alba Iulia, 25 km away.

  • Sibiu city, 47 km on highway.

  • Huniazilor castle from Hunedoara, 63 km away (45 minutes).

  • Sky domain Sureanu 65 km away (70 minutes)

Paul Tomita golf is above the place were during romans, was a gold extraction field. The course was homologated in accordance with international standards (USGA) by a group of experts from Germany, in 2003.

Close area geography assures wonderful surrounding for the club, at footsteps of Sebes Mountains and not far from Apuseni mountains.


First official contest was organized on 16 June 2001. As premiere trough national tv network (on realitatea tv), Transylvania Bank Cup was broadcast 4 hours on 20 October 2003.

From February 1995 until November 2017, were organized in Pianu de Jos, approximate 300 national and international competitions + more group actions as team building corporate.

Around 200 sponsors choose to make their events here. We name only a few which did tournaments for many years/editions in a row: BMW, Transavia, Alpin57lux, Transilvania Bank, Allianz Tiriac, Alba Golf Challenge (Alba county Council), ING, Supremia, Elis Pavaje, etc.

Club History

Paul Tomita golf club was formed on 22 February 1995…as a public/private partnership. At that moment was rented the entire surface of 70 ha (for 49 years).

On 12 of June 1994, was organized first golf demo from Romania after revolution (1989 communist regime had change into capitalism). This event was broadcasted by first national romanian tv network, at “actualitati” (main news). That specific date was not chosen by chance, being the birthdate of the well-known player Paul Tomita…the one who made the demonstration.

Paul Tomita was the first PGA professional from Romania. He did serve as Diplomatic Club director in Bucharest, for 35 years. Large number of celebrities he trained and impressive results he had by participating at key international competitions … made him a recognized landmark in the domain.

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